US says transgender workers illegally fired Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Herschler   
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 16:33

Specialist Group in Lakeland, FL faces legal battle

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed 2 lawsuits Thursday. Lakeland Eye Clinic, a group practice that includes ophthalmologists and optometrists, was the target of one of the filings. The other was a funeral home in Michigan.
The EEOC says it's the first time it has filed lawsuits alleging sex discrimination against people who are transgender. The EEOC contends that Brandi Branson was fired in 2011 as director of hearing services at Lakeland Eye in Lakeland, Florida after saying she was undergoing a gender transition to female.
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Source: BuzzFeed

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Is the Incidence of Diabetes Leveling Off? Print E-mail
Written by Aaron Carroll, MD, MS   
Friday, 26 September 2014 15:56

In a nutshell, researchers used the National Health Interview Survey to examine trends in the prevalence and incidence of diabetes in the US. In the 1980's, these rates were pretty steady. Not surprisingly to anyone who hasn't been living under a rock, rates started to rise after that, and in each year from 1990-2008, there was a pretty dramatic increase in the age-adjusted prevalence and incidence.

But what was surprising to me was that, starting in 2008, and continuing through 2012, there was no significant change. In fact, the incidence (or new diagnoses), seems to be dropping...

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Source: The Incidental Economist
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Vascular Access Centers: A Complex Picture Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey L. Cohen   
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 11:49

Vascular access centers are a common ancillary service offered by a variety of physicians, mostly nephrologists. They provide a unique setting for patients requiring interventional vascular services in connection with things like oncology, dialysis, nutritional delivery, wound healing, pain management and more. Unlike many surgical services, however, they are typically not provided via a surgery center, but rather as part of (and inside) the physician's practices.

Establishing VACs in Florida typically involves compliance with corporate laws, "in office surgery" regulations and applicable self referral laws. Since VAC reimbursement is generally better in an office setting than an ASC setting, they are normally established as a "physician practice." Bringing in non-physician owners (such as large dialysis providers) will trigger the need to obtain health care clinic licensure (HCCL). Moreover, structuring the ownership will typically involve formation of a limited liability company with either (1) multiple physician owners, or (2) a physician ownership group, plus a corporate owner/manager. Control and restrictive covenant issues are particularly important, especially when a corporate "partner" is involved. Normally, when the corporate partner invests a substantial amount of money, the physician owners give up a certain degree of leverage and income (e.g. via a management contract with the corporate partner).

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