One percent of U.S. docs responsible for a third of malpractice payments Print E-mail
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Monday, 01 February 2016 17:45

Gene Emery reports in a 1.27.16 Reuters Health post:
Just one out of every 100 U.S. doctors is responsible for 32 percent of the malpractice claims that result in payments to patients, according to a comprehensive study of 15 years' worth of cases.
And when a doctor has to pay out one claim, the chances are good that the same physician will soon be paying out on another, researchers report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
"I think people will be surprised about the extent to which the claims are concentrated within a relatively small group of practitioners. It's actually more concentrated than in earlier studies," chief author David Studdert of Stanford University in California told Reuters Health.

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Readmissions Re-Visited Print E-mail
Written by Garret Johnson & Zoe Lyon | The Incidental Economist   
Friday, 29 January 2016 15:06

While the HRRP < Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program> adjusts for age, sex and comorbidity differences across hospitals, there is now substantial evidence that high readmission rates - especially for medical conditions, as opposed to surgical ones - are driven more by patient factors outside of hospitals' control (e.g. poverty, lack of social supports) than by hospitals' quality of care and discharge planning. Studies show that patients who are poorer, sicker, and of racial minorities are readmitted at higher rates than other patients, which raises concern that the HRRP is simply punishing hospitals for the groups of patients that they serve.

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UnitedHealth expects to lose nearly $1 billion on Obamacare Print E-mail
Written by Tami Luhby | CNN   
Friday, 22 January 2016 17:53

UnitedHealth expects to lose nearly $1 billion on Obamacare policies, the nation's largest insurer said Tuesday.

UnitedHealth (UNH), which is weighing an exit from the Obamacare exchanges, reported it lost about $475 million on Obamacare-compliant plans in 2015 and expects to lose more than $500 million this year.

The insurer, the parent company of United Healthcare, ended last year with about 500,000 enrollees in Obamacare exchange plans. It expects that number to grow towards 800,000 during the 2016 open enrollment period, which ends Jan. 31...

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