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Written by John Couris   
Thursday, 31 January 2019 00:00
As the new legislative session begins here in Florida, politicians from across the state once again consider whether the Certificate of Need (CON) program-the regulatory process designed to limit health care costs and promote planning for new health care services and facilities-is best kept on the books h­­ere in the Sunshine State. Those who know me, have followed me on social media or read my blog posts over the past several years, are familiar with my belief that repealing CON is not good for our consumers, our community or our state. They have read my detailed arguments outlining that the elimination of CON could trigger a chain reaction that would cause three problems for residents: an increase in health care costs, a decline in the quality of care and a decrease in access to care. They also know that my position on CON is deeply informed by my extensive research on quality, clinical outcomes, safety, access and cost. Based on this research, I believe there is no clear indication or definitive proof that a deregulated state drives lower costs, higher quality and greater access to care.

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