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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 18:43

The world of healthcare is in constant flux. Seemingly endless policy changes at the local, state and federal levels often result in unintended consequences for those in the industry. To keep up with those changes, many people have opted to attend the Miami Herbert Business School’s Healthcare Executive MBA program.

There, they can expand their knowledge of healthcare management and administration, learning from a team of experienced professors such as Karoline Mortensen, associate professor of Health Management and Policy and Academic Director of the Master in Health Administration (MHA) program.

Mortensen, who has been teaching at UM for nearly five years, has an extensive background in health policy and management. Her classes attract a mix of mid-career professionals including physicians, healthcare executives, registered nurses, pharmacists and researchers. Some are looking to add to their existing knowledge and move up in their organization, while others come from outside of the healthcare industry and are looking to make a career change.
karoline mortensen Because the industry is in flux, Mortensen says she is constantly refreshing the material she teaches.
“While there are core concepts we teach, we also talk a lot about current policies that are up for debate such as ‘Medicare for All’ and the Affordable Care Act,” she says. 

Mortensen earned her master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan and her PhD in health services organization and policy from the University of Michigan. She started her career at Rice University, going on to teach at the University of Maryland School of Public Health before landing at UM.

She is a standing member with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Health System Value Research study section, the lead federal agency charged with improving the safety and quality of America's healthcare system.

“I am passionate about understanding the delivery, organization and financing of our healthcare system,” she says.

Mortensen says many of her MBA students are motivated by the fact that they can use what they learn in the classroom to not only improve their work life, but also to improve the care they provide to their patients.

The university’s strong network of alumni, as well as some well-known dignitaries, often serve as guest lecturers. They include Congresswoman and former UM President Donna Shalala, as well as Florida Sen. René Garcia, who represents Hialeah. The university also hosts networking events where alumni engage with students and each other. Healthcare executives and practitioners also are invited as guest lecturers.

“One of the most exciting things about our program is our powerful alumni network,” says Mortensen. “They lead to interesting discussions and provide our students with a balanced perspective. I encourage students to listen to all voices in the class.”

Mortensen has received awards for outstanding teaching and mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students.

“I try to make the material interesting and relevant and I try to push my students to look at information, draw their own conclusions and think of other perspectives,” she says.
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