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Changing EMR - Seamless Continuation, Dreaded Chore or Fresh Start? Print E-mail
Written by A Country Doctor Writes   
Friday, 29 November 2019 18:08

At the end of the year my patients and I will start over. That is what changing EMRs does to us. I have mixed feelings about data migration, if it even happens. I will move into a new virtual environment and my patients will take on slightly different appearances, maybe even alter their medical histories. Some will perhaps be asking me to edit diagnoses that have haunted them since we went from paper to computer records almost a decade ago. With our first EMR, we scanned in a few things from patients' paper records - sometimes only a few pages from years or decades of first handwritten and later typed notes. Much got lost, because we were doing something we never really had thought through, and we had to do it with a clock ticking: "Hurry, before the Federal incentives go away." The Feds wanted EMRs because the vision was that more data would help research and population health and also reduce medical errors. This time, another factor is pushing us forward...

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