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What's the Hardest Part of a Physician's Job? Print E-mail
Written by Rada Jones, MD | KevinMD   
Tuesday, 07 January 2020 17:35

I work in the ER. It's not an easy job. Not glamorous either. At least not as glamorous as my mother-in-law used to think. Years ago, when I declared I was going into emergency, she looked at me askance. She didn't ask why. She looked at me with her wise old eyes. "Let me tell you about ER," she said. "I know all about it. I watch every show." She was politely dismissive and actively unimpressed. Worried about the staff having sex in the closets maybe? Or she didn't think that my hair or my style could stand up to the job. She was right. Not about the sex. I don't know how the folks in the movies find the time. Or the interest. I struggle to find time to pee. And the closets? Really? You get turned on by dirty mops and bleach perfume? She was right about the hair. It's still not worth mentioning. And my style - what style? I eventually got used to people questioning my career choice. Patients ask me when I'm going to specialize. My best friend - a computer maven - asked me why I choose to work triage. "Can't a nurse do that? Shouldn't you be treating people, instead?"


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